A couple questions for you gurus, help please

A couple things I can’t seem to get to work, can you clue me in please and thank you,


1.)The namual says if no “short description” is entered, the first 300 words of the “full description” will be imported… do I have to enable this feature somewhere? It does not work.

2.)Automatic thumbnails don’t work. When I put the image info into the “popup larger image” box thinking the thumbnail will be auto-generated, not only does it not auto-generate, but the whole system hangs at a blank white page.

3.) Option images: how the heck do you get these to work? I’ve tried everything I can think of, but can not get images associated with a product option to work. Again, do I need to enable this or something.

4.) Is there a more complete user manual? I dl’ed the one from the file area, but it is on the skimpy side at best.

i wonder if you have a glitch, i put my pics in the larger image and the thumbnail is generated from there fine.

you use the option images just like the main images, brows to the picture you want, upload it and “save” or update and the pictures show up.

for the short description. sometimes mine works and sometimes it dosnt, but i can just go back and put in a short descripton by hand,