A couple of issues...

Hi everyone,

Well I have been working on a new install for a few days while I think this cart is a great one overall, I have some issues that I just can’t figure out. I was wondering if anyone can lend any insight on how I might overcome some of these…

  1. When checking out, the “steps” don’t automatically expand. they require you refresh the page in between. I have ajax options unclicked but I am using the one page checkout.

  2. Should a one-step checkout, with check out as guest enabled, using PayPal express bring the customer back to the shopping page to fill in additional details? It kind of defeats the idea of it being a one-step, annoymous, express purchase :slight_smile: Is there any way to just get them to the download page after they go to paypal the first time?

  3. On our downloadable product, I can’t get a zip or an .exe file to upload so our customers can download it. An .exe fails right out saying they are not allowed. A .zip file uploads and “appears” to be fine until I try to download it - I download a file of some sort…but not a zip file. I also tried the import feature and tried to get it to work that way. I tried both the upload from my pc/server options and the URL option and had no luck with either.

    Here’s the store in case anyone wants to take a peek:


    Thanks so much in advance for any responses!


Can anyone help with these issues?

I have asked here and in the help desk support area and still have no response. These are the only remaining issues to resolve before we can launch our store, and unfortunatley they are big ones that are core to the cart functioning at all. Especially the refreshing of the checkout page and our product being undeliverable.

Any ideas I could try at all are greatly appriciated!



the checkout seems to be working for me, as for the .exe you won’t be able to upload an .exe, turn it into a .zip and upload that, I think somewhere under the config.php you can enable the uploading of .exe but this is seriously a very bad idea…

I think maybe you edited your templates and took something out required for AJAX.

I would review your TPL changes and make sure you didnt cut something out that you didn’t mean too.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll check into that, I did move the steps to be in one column with the cart, but that’s all I did.

As for zip files, I uploaded zip files and they are not working properly. When I do a test purchase, I download an empty “unknown” file instead of my zip file.



If you install the base skin as your storefront and try to checkout, does that work??

That will tell you if its a store problem or your custom skin.

[quote name=‘softmath’]TAs for zip files, I uploaded zip files and they are not working properly. When I do a test purchase, I download an empty “unknown” file instead of my zip file.[/QUOTE]

downloading .zips with IE has always corrupted files, have you tried with FF? do you still get the same corrupted and empty .zip?

Thanks - Sno

Thanks ET and Sno, I will try both suggestions and get back to you.