A Big Thumbs Up For Cscart Rocks

Hi all, I posted this in another thread sometime ago, but i thought it warranted its own thread in order to share my experiences with CScart Rocks.

Cscartrocks have been doing development for my website for around a year now. The job has been HUGE. They've totally upgraded my website from 2.2.4 to version 4 plus done a custom repsonsive layout for it. Not to mention applying the countless unique business rules our site needs to run (certain products can't ship to certain countries and so on.)

To give you some perspective, our ecommerce website is the ONLY way we make a living. We are in it “boots and all” so I take the development of our site incredibly seriously. If its down, and cannot function, my bills dont get paid. It's that simple.

So what this means, is that Im a perfectionist when it comes to our website, I expect the work to be of the highest standard. I can sincerely say to you all, that Louis and CScartrocks have been the best developers i have worked with to date. Their work ethic is at the same high standard I expect of myself. Their communication is flawless. And one of my favourite things about them is that they are flexible and open to changes. In the cycle of our development (which is still ongoing) I've sometimes changed my mind and asked for something to be restored to what it previously was. Louis has always patiently changed it back with no complaint.

Lastly, as a former (if rusty) web designer myself, I believe that cscartrocks.com do the best design/css development out of anyone out there. Not to bad mouth any competition, but some of the third-party dev teams are more php/programming oriented, and in one case with another developer I worked with some years ago on Cs Cart, they had to subcontract my work out again for some css code.

CScartrocks have proven to me that they can handle all facets of the coding from the frontend; css, js and html, to complex database queries, php coding and smarty template work.

If you would like to check out our site; www.crushcosmetics.com.au - try resizing your browser and you'll see the layout for desktop, tablet and mobile. Its all completely custom and done by CS cartrocks.

The site looks great and I second the THUMBS UP for CSCartRocks. They do great work, many times going above and beyond!

Hey Scott

Firstly, really nice site! Secondly, I echo many of your own sentiments (committed to e-Commerce as a business, perfectionism etc).

Lastly, I second everything you say about Louis & CSCARTROCKS. I have been working with Louis for 1.5 year plus now, and he has always been friendly, knowledgeable and flexible. As you say, he is an all-rounder, so he is great both at coding as well as creating beautiful looking designs.

On a recent project involving a complicated mobile skin, we found at the nth minute that the original skin (which we were developing on) lacked a particular functionality. Louis just created a module free of charge, overnight and installed it, so that I could go live on time! He has definitely gone out of the way many times in the interest of getting things done.

I have worked with many good developers in the past, both here at cs-cart and on other platforms; but with Louis, it's a friendly, yet professional relationship, which helps in the development process.

Would definitely continue doing business with CSCARTROCKS for a long time, and here's wishing Louis every success!


Great review. I can only echo your positive review about Louis.