960 grid system problem

I am arranging various blocks on homepage but having a problem.

in the 1st image homepage I cant get the "sale"block to close up the obvious gap between that and the row above due to the comments block. You can see the admin arrangement in image 2.

when I disable the comments block then the gap disappears ok…but does this mean the grid system only allows positioning along the same depth of line and not be able to be split.



[attachment=6392:test.JPG] [attachment=6393:grids.JPG]



Hi John,

If i understand correct what do you won't to say is that if you disable comments block, block clearance don't move on the right of 24 logos?

is sow you can try this:

on [color=#ff0000]skins/basic/customer/views/block_manager/render/grid.tpl [/color]you need to add on top

{if $content}

and at the end


the file content will look like this:


{if $content}

{if $content}

{if $grid.clear}


I hope this information will help you.