503 Service Unavailable On New Host


I just moved a new host and everything is working fine, except I'm hitting a 503 error when I do the following:

1. save AWS settings Administration>Storage>CDN settings

2. Checkout using PayPal

3. Set Security Settings to Enable secure connection for the storefront

4. Login using FB in storefront

Something in common is that I think all these attempt to make a secure connection. SSL cert is installed properly. These were working fine with the previous host so I'm pretty sure it's an issue with the new host. However, they can't find the issue and they are saying it might be because i recently maxed my I/O limits (host is using cloudlinux) - this was when i did a backup dump.

Anyone encountered this before?

I'm using 4.3.2 Multivendor

problem was resolved. I'm still waiting for my host to tell me what they did.