404 Page Not Found When Updating Cart

I’m using version 2.24,

When there are more than 77 items in the cart and any changes are made to the cart, page not found 404 appears when you try to “update” items in the cart. Anyone else have this experience? 1-77 Items in the cart and there is no problem with making changes and pressing the update button, anything over 77 produces the error , very weird

You are probably running out of some resource (not obvious) when you try to add the 78th product. Could be SESSION space, could be site memory, could be some other limit.

Suggest you ensure that you have


set in your config.local.php and then review your PHP error_log file to see what you are running out of.

Please increase the value of the max_input_vars and max_post_size settings on your server

Thank you ECom Labs! Problem solved. I was able to increase the limits in WHM, restart apache, and my site is good to go.

Thanks again!

You are welcome! :)

You shoud have seen that error in your PHP error_log file.