403 Access Denied

I have been working on a local installation of CS-Cart v4.5.2 and I am trying to move the data to a server now. However, when I click on any option under 'Export Data' I get the 403 Access Denied error message. The same happens when I click any option under 'Import Data' as well, but it doesn't happen in any other area of the website.

Weirdly, this issue only affects the root administrator account. If I use one of the other administrator accounts I have set up, I can access the 'Export Data' options. Any ideas? :confused:

At first, delete the var/cache directory and check the result

If your server is running suPHP, make sure that the document root (I.e. public_html) is:

- owned by the cpanel user with group nobody

- permissions of 750

This allows only Apache to read the .htaccess file to configure the site and then PHP runs as the cpanel user so it can create filders/files as needed within the document root.

The archive you created on your local host probably has '.' in the path (I.e. ./app/addons rather than app/addons). This will cause public_html directory to be overwritten with probably bad ownerships/permissions.