4.3.1 To 4.3.2 Turned Into A Turkey.

Went to the Upgrade centre and had a go at 4.3.1 to 4.3.2

After 30 minutes of ' compressing backup file' I just closed the window and prayed that

my 4.3.1 store was still there. It was …whew !!

Anyone else had trouble ?

Looks like timeout issue. We faced similar issue several times.

Support advised that 4.3.2 makes a complete backup which can take some time.

Looks like I will have to try again because in my current 4.3.1 I can't edit any blocks

and my 'manage blocks' page is blank. Oh what fun.

PM me if any help will be required

Not only has the 4.3.1 to 4.3.2 attempt failed I now find that

my 4.3.1 is riddled with dysfunction and I don't have the option of reverting.

It's all well and fine to tell cart owners to check an upgrade

but I am a business owner not a php guru.

I made basic checks.

I strongly suggest to the boys on high that they should provide

a check list for those of us who are not php experts.

All this has me thinking that I have offended a warlock somewhere.

PM sent eComLabs.

Note that for whatever reason, the php Phar extension used in cs-cart has become incredibly slow and resource consuming. In my EZ Admin Helper addon, you could no longer backup the ste when Phar was used without getting a time out. Switching to the old Tar_Archive class let the whole operation complete in less than a minute. I released a new version of EZ Admin Helper that uses the old Tar_Archive class and things now work fine.

My guess is that it is related to PHP version more than cs-cart since changing the archiver had such a dramatic impact.

Interesting. Maybe that is why my cPanel backups consume so much memory? I had to add more swap.

So what is so great about Phar?

Don't know The Tool but CS-Cart have it as a system requirement.

Now I have spotted .cagefs in my cPanel that is growing like topsy again.

500 meg and growing. It is mainly temp files but my host said ask CS-Cart

before I delete them.

Looks like the dysfunction ( ie unable to edit blocks & blank Manage Blocks page ) is to do

with Chrome. Works fine in IE 11.

NOW, a day later, it works in Chrome…lol

Phar is an archiving extension to php but also allows php to execute files contained in the archive. Theoretically an add-on archive could be distributed and never extracted. But it's not used that way in cs-cart. I believe it is the extension itself since cs-cart uses it per its spec but it seems to have gone out to lunch in php v5.4

We performed the upgrade. Please check details in e-mail


Check your messages please.

thax for helping