4.01-How to upgrade two Stores to one Ultimate edition-second Store First


I want to install a fresh install of 4.01 to work on, before migrating my main store (Domain1-Version 2.2.4 Pro). I am waiting for the tool to come out. Will have this store closed to work on design

In the mean time, I want to install Domain2 (New, no imports of customers or products), as a sub-domain, the second store. However, I want to make Domain2 store operational before Domain1. Maybe 4 months before Domain1. If I set up shipping, payment methods, blocks and add products for Domain2, what might happen when a couple of months later, I upgrade the main store (Domain1) with the new tool? Will it overwrite everything I do?

Since there is no insight as to whether the upgrade tool will maintain Global Product Option, Exception and Combinations using a combination of Global and Non-Global Options and maintain Custom product tabs cloned to 250 products, then maybe I should just start over again.

My first attempt to migrate from 2.2.4 pro 3.06 indicated that the options/exceptions/Global Options were messed up along with the unique product tabs. looks like the new version has a different way to manage product tabs.

I am sort of leaning to just start again and use cart 2 cart for some imports. I know global options will not migrate with cart 2 cart and I think neither will customer passwords. Not sure about Customer Groups. I am also not sure about the maintaining of SEO url's for products or categories.

Would like to know if anyone plans on taking the same approach I want to, and has experience in doing it. .




I would wait to do anything. You don't want to be fighting bugs in 4.0.1 and trying to guess what cs-cart is going to do with the store import tool in V4.0.2. You'll save some gray heir by simply waiting. What you might want to do is to do your new store in a V4 environment where you would then import that store (V4.0.1) along with your other into the 4.0.2 when that's available and if it looks stable. Seems they are pushing hard to get their SaaS product together so they are probably spending more time on Amazon CDN than anything else (should have done store import and bug fixes in V4.0.2 quickly and done A-CDN in V4.0.3 along with more bug fixes). Given the number of bugs in V4.0.1 that will hopefully be fixed in V4.0.2, the prudent business decision would be to wait.

I know it's a tough time of year to sit on your hands. But original published date for v4.0.2 was end of August. Now it's end of Sept. and could easily go into October which then makes it pretty late for any merchant to do anything due to the holiday season (unless of course they are into high-risk impacts on their businesses).


Thanks for you input. It is definitely too late this year for my main store. The Holiday season actually starts for me in Mid September starting with Halloween gifts. My rule is to not make important changes after August.

The second store has nothing to migrate, its basically been a non working dev site for testing, but want to turn in into a live drop ship/ limited free shipping site, with items some products found in my first store, but mostly different products…

Probably will wait until after the Holidays to do anything.


PS. Too Late, I already have the gray hair, more worried about loosing the hair altogether.