4.0.1- Footer background goes missing on content pages

I have fiddled and fiddled with this, finally breaking down and asking for help.

The footer background is missing on the left/right (full width area) on content pages that I create. On home page and categories/products pages full width color works fine.

The CSS that is supposed to style the footer background area is being canceled out (striked through in firebug). Even if I add the style to mystyles.css its getting striked.

Thanks for any input.


Can any one confirm that this does or does not happen to them? Everyone I am sure has created content pages, does it break the footer background for anyone else?



Can't see any footer image on the homepage.

I don't use backgrounds images just gradients and they work ok on my pages.

The issue is not on the home page, its only on the content pages. I don't have an image, just a color, but on the content pages the color from the full screen area (left/right) is missing. All my current pages on the site are content pages, so click any page and check out the footer.

Thanks for answering! Can you create a content page and see what happens for you?


HI All - I am not getting anyone to reply to this one…thought I would try one more time. I am using the color and/or gradient for the footer background. Works great for the footer area but NOT full width AND this is only for pages that I create, like an “about us” page. The full width colors work fine in products and categories pages.

Can anyone confirm the same issue?

I don't have this problem on the site I just built. Can you share a URL for us to look at?



Sorry for the late reply, the store i am building is not public, so can not offer a URL, but every page that I create as a content page, the footer “full width” area does not take the color assigned to it in the theme editor, but any catalog/product/checkout etc page the full width color DOES work.

Thanks for responding.