3.01 Ultimate Upgrade Script

Has anyone seen the 3.01 Ultimate to 3.02 Ultimate upgrade script show up yet in their Upgrade Center?

I am waiting patiently, but getting anxious.

There are tons of annoying bugs in 3.01 Ultimate and I hope 3.02 smashes most of them.

Just received the 3.01 Ultimate to 3.02 Ultimate upgrade script today. Upgrade went very smooth.

Only strange anomaly I see is in the Customer's Recently Viewed Products Block it now repeats products if the count is less than the room in the block. I do not think it did that before. I thought it left a blank spot until you viewed enough products to fill the block.

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I just upgrade now. But after that step, open store & close store button is disappear.


You might have to choose a store. These buttons do not show if you are in the All Stores mode.