3.0.2 Installation Instructions

I downloaded the 3.0.2 Professional trial installation from this link:

[url=“Download the most feature-rich B2B eCommerce software CS-Cart B2B&B2C”]https://www.cs-cart.com/trial.html[/url]

I downloaded the Installation Guide which says to extract the files to your local computer, then

upload the files to the root directory of your site.

The download from CS-Cart is a .tgz file. I have never seen one of these before. I found a

program called 7-Zip that is supposed to extract this kind of file. After using that program, the

.tgz file extracted, but the result only one file:


The file type is listed as TAR


What am I doing wrong here?

I found my own answer on this.

Not being familiar with .tar or tzg files, I needed to extract the .tar file itself.

It threw me off when the extracted the .tzg file, only to find another file underneath

that also needed to be extacted. I'm up and running…

i suggest you to download the zip files, and extract it, then put them to your server via FTP. :)

hope this helps

Reason you don't just extract the archive from the root of your store (or sub-directory if you want your store in a sub-directory) using your cPanel file manager (or equivalent)?

Also you can use winrar to extract just about anything,

Thanks for you input. I was able to Google information on .tar files, and got all the info there.

This brings up a more interesting question that I'll post seperately. How much background should a person have to attempt to customize a site with CS-Cart?

Most of you are probably very familiar with .tar files; but this is the first time I encountered them. I'm wondering if I'm even supposed to be on this forum.

I'll begin a post on this seperately…

7-Zip is also one free good programme for archiving / extracting