@2X Images - Banner Image Problem

How does one upload a Banner Image properly?

For us - any Banner image a client uploads at the default size of 1200 x 320 gets massively chopped and displays at 600 x 120 - this of course looks horrible and the admins are highly confused (a common state with regard to CS-Cart and images).

I found that all of the originals are uploaded here /images/promo/ with @2x appended to the name and a second file with the proper name is generated for actual display. The original is not used nor ever will be. Whaaaat? The only way I found around this is rename or re-upload files via FTP.

Any help appreciated!
As always with CS-Cart and images - no doc or guidance of any real value that I can find....
"Adding a logo or banner" - http://kb.cs-cart.com/logo-addition
"Logos, Banners and Images" - http://kb.cs-cart.com/logo-banner-image



Thank you!!! I've turned iHiDPI/Retina off with no apparent issues - and now the Banner Images aren't 12" tall on an iPad to boot.

The HiDPI/Retina Display add-on sure looks like a good thing... :-(