2.2.1 one page checkout and cart

Can anyone tell me in the advertised 2.2.1 checkout page: Marketplace features in CS-Cart Multi-Vendor how to get that functionality in place?

I just installed this version - took the out of the box default blue skin and dont see anything like that at all. I was then thinking it was a block, but nothing.

In admin i have selected the new “one page checkout and cart contents” selection but all I see is another main box above step 1 and nothing to the right.

Any help please would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

It looks like CS-Cart needs to do some updating of their website. That version of the checkout no longer exists. It was part of the 2.0.x series. When CS went to 2.1.x, that part of the checkout went away.




Thank you for lettings us know about this issue. We will correct this description in the nearest time.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

thanks for the replies brandon and pavel - I know in the 2.0.15 versions there was this mini cart - so now in 2.2.1 the new option and what was the return of the mini cart, is just in fact another mainbox at the top of the 4 steps - that is the extend of it?