2.10 upgrade help

2 things I noticed right away:

  1. in the checkout, the users can choose countries that I have not put in my “locations” and they can choose a country which is in my locations but is disabled.

  2. In the Blocks, once a block is defined I cannot edit its options. There is a “+” sign on the top left but it does nothing. It’s greyish as if it was disabled.

    Can this be fixed? Is it just me?

For item #1, go to Shipping/taxes->Countries and disable all the countries you do not want. It is tedious but will fix the issue. There are feature requests in the bug tracker requesting this be improved:



The “+” look grayish to me also but, in my case, they do expand properly. What browser are you using? You might want to see if another browser behaves diferently. Or try creating a new block and see if the problem persist.


Thanks for the reply.

The + sign has started working. Don’t ask me why. It’s working, I’m not trying to fix it… :wink:

Here is what to do to define shipping only for certain countries. In my case it’s a free shipping method available only to north america. When it’s done that way, people will not be able to use that shipping method everywhere by default.

  • Remove free shipping option in each product.

  • Define a location for every place you want to set up free shipping for under “Shipping/Locations”

  • Create a “UPS ground - Free shipping” shipping method

  • Edit the “UPS ground - Free shipping” shipping method" and go in “shipping charges”:

  • For “Default destination (all countries)” leave just ONE line defined at rate value 0 (zero) for Cost, Weight and Items dependencies (ex: Cost dependencies is at “more than $0; rate value=0” and no other line defined under it). that makes this method unavailable for all destinations that are not defined in “locations”. That is really not intuitive…

  • For each location you want to have free shipping to add a cost depency saying More than $1; Rate Value = 0. That turns on free shipping for that location.