2.1 be wary of moved files

I just noticed that as useful as the “Installed Upgrades” resolved/unresolved files are, they don’t always list everything. If files have been removed or moved around in the core, then it doesn’t let you know, so even though you might have resolved all the files, there could be old ones that had lots of mods but were moved, so you might not know what you even need to find to change.

For example, the product page view.tpl now includes some other block template but the \customer\views\products\view.tpl file wasn’t listed on the modified files list at all.

Yes. And on top of that files are missing, because their code was spread over lots of other new files …

For example details_page.tpl in /customer/blocks/list_templates (where I did A LOT of changes) doesn’t exist any more, and I have to search the spreaded code pieces in completely new files.

PS: It seems to me that the code from the vanished details_page.tpl can be found in the new file customer/blocks/product_templates/default_template.tpl…

And I guess the reason why the upgrade did not list all of the changed files is that in some (many?) (the new ones?) files the tag is missing which shows up the id of the file, its editor and the time of the last change.

E.g. {* $Id: compact_list.tpl 8873 2010-02-17 13:06:01Z angel $ *}