2.1.4 not seeing 2.2.4 upgrade package?

I just want to clarify something. I am currently running CS-Cart Professional edition 2.1.4.

Will the CS-Cart Administration > Upgrade Center page see version 2.2.4 as an available package?

Right now this screen is just empty and says “No upgrades currently available”, is this because 2.1.4 is the highest version of 2.1.x

Do i just need to manually download the zip file for 2.2.4 to install it?

You should see different packages if you have the information correct in your settings in Administration- Upgrade Center - Settings like license number

Updates server - http://updates.cs-cart.com

FTP settings with username and password

You have to do incremental updates before installing 2.2.4

Hope this helps

Does anyone know what the incremental version installs i need to do before getting 2.2.4 loaded?

2.2.1, 2.2.2, 2.2.3

You wont see any packages if you haven't prolonged your updates for that license unless of course you have an older license that had lifetime updates.