2.1.2 Search words quick search

I like the quick search now added to the 2.1.2 but does it not look in the product search words anymore:confused: .

Reason I need this is beacuse i sell work clothing and certain items come in sizes as big as 6,7,8,9 and even 10XL so to make it easier for the big guys to find what they can have I used to just put the really big sizes in the search words field and a customer could search 6xl,10xl, etc.

Doesnt seem to have it now and the tick box for search in search words in the edit addon box is missing. It used to have this option in Brandons mod as in previous versions.

Any ideas please.



I thought the reason for the product search words was primarily for the use of the site search function.

I put my product variation codes in with the product search words for a product line I have. This way the customer can search using the code in the catalog.

I am using Webgraphic dynamic search which does this. Hopefully, it would be compatible with 2.1.2.


Gotta say te quick search included in 2.1.2 is fast but doesnt seem to check the search word field