2.1.1 to 2.1.4, stick or twist?

The sites been all but finished on 2.1.1 (im not keen on the design but hey, the client gets what the client wants lol) and now with the release of 2.1.4 I’m thinking that it might be time to take it up.

I realise its going to be a case of installing 2.1.2 then 2.1.3 then 2.1.4 and with all the reports on here, is 2.1.4 more feature complete and bug free than 2.1.1 or just wait to see what happens?

Are there many differences in the CSS files when upgrading as I have a distinct feeling it’s going to mean an almost complete re integration on the design front.

2.1.4 (in my opinion - YMMV) is a more stable release for commercial use than previous releases (other than 2.0.15). But I don’t have a lot of run-time on it yet and am still dealing with some upgrade issues from 2.0.15 through to 2.1.4.

2.1.4 was a nice and quiet maintenance release. To me, this means that it has a bunch of bug fixes and limited new functionality (just what I really want from every even numbered release).

CSS is constantly changing as they do more and more ajax requests and do special handling in javascript based on “micro classes”.