2.015->2.10-2.11 yes no ?

I have a store which is configured, and will be going live within the next 3 to 5days. Based on feed back, should i hold off on this update, or is it safe to jump in. Also is the admin panel upgrade console trust worthy ?

My advice would be to upgrade to the latest version of the cart before going live. That will give you a chance to get everything working like you want with the latest version before your customers arrive.

Just my 2 cents. But that’s what I’d do.

I faced the same decision back at 2.0.6. While I was prepping the site to go live, 2.0.7 was released. I went ahead and upgraded before going live.

Would agree totally

The way I look at it is you’re going to have to upgrade anyway at some point. So why not do it now when any problems are not going to be a hindrance to your customers/sales?

You should at least try to upgrade. If it doesn’t work it’s a good way to test that your backup system is working.