2.0.x series layouts - blockquotes, validation and accessibility errors?

I really don’t understand why the entire storefront is wrapped in a Blockquote. It is not the proper use of blockquote and there are nesting issues within the templates.

BLOCKQUOTE at W3C: “BLOCKQUOTE is for long quotations (block-level content).”

I’m sure this is an oversight and I’m not trying to bash someone’s hard work. Why was a div not sufficient? Also why the use of a non standard attribute? template=“” is not acceptable.

I haven’t the time to look closely, but what would occur if I removed the blockquotes and the non standard attribute from:


It seems to be the skins in 2.0 took a large step backwards. If anything, the skins should have been leaner and an improvement upon 1.3.5.

There is a lot of html and css bloat, they do not meet W3C standards and do not pass the most basic accessibility requirements. This makes customization and developing a solid product challenging and time consuming.


What skin? i dont see this on the beta, default skin.

More info please.

It is in all 2.0 skins that I’ve looked at. Specifically ‘Basic’ and Austere’

In the source, this blockquote contains all content and other blockquotes are nested inside of it:

Looking quickly, it appears that every hook creates a blockquote to contain the div containing the hook's content.

*btw, this is cscart_v2.0.3 stable release, not the beta version.

It’s because you’ve got ‘design mode’ switched on.

Disable customization mode and it’ll go back to normal.

Admin → Design → ‘design mode’

Thank-you Charlie!! I had no idea that the design mode was enabled. I knew the blockquotes had something to do with design mode and I’m so glad that is optional. Now the page validates!!