2.0.4 Upgrade

Was the 2.0.4 upgrade taken down? The upgrade center in my 2.0.3 install no longer shows the 2.0.4 upgrade as being available. I want to make sure that there isn’t some bug that is preventing me from upgrading.

I do see that the full 2.0.4 version is still available from the help desk though, so I assume there was just some issue with the upgrade. Anyone information on this would be appreciated. Thanks!

I was told by CS-Cart that there was an issues with 2.0.4 not being compatible with all hosting companies. They were making the necessary adjustment and it should be released in a couple of days. Then we will be able to upgrade from the admin panel.

It took me all evening but I managed to upgrade hopefully :slight_smile:

Noticed that problems with double slash // in checkout and cart page were solved. Few template bugs solved.

read this: