2.0.10 and Manufacturers List

I have already posted this as a thread, but the answer wasn’t helping.

So, can anyone explain how I go about creating the manufacturers list in 2.0.10.

The demo has it set up but cannot for the life of me work out how to create this myself.

I have got as far as adding the Names of the manufacturers to the products but can’t seem to work out how the rest is created?



I did this in my top menu. Would this help you?

You can see it at [url]http://www.vitaminlink.net/[/url]

That may be quite helpful actually!

OK go to Design/Top Menu and create a new item and call it Manufacturers. This is your root level menu item. Then you will click on ‘add item’ again and name it whatever one of your manufacturers are but now under the ‘parent item’ drop down you’ll choose Manufacturers so this new item will appear as a sub item of Manufacturers. You’ll have to add the URL of the item so when it’s clicked, your visitor will be directed to all the products for that manufacturer (assuming your products have been assigned to a particular manufacturer).

Just repeat this process for each manufacturer you want to add. Assign them a position such as 10,20,30,40 and so on to order them any way you want.

That’s it.

sorry, are you using 2.0.10 cs cart?

Yes I am using 2.0.10

none of that seemed to correspond to what I can see in my cs cart, this is all very confusing?

I sent you a PM