1Clue Review

Bought this addon from 1clue.com


…and needed some extra features and tweaking. 1clue did offer great service, fast response, and a working product in a few days. Recommend their services 100%.

I just purchased also. Great add on!

This add on allows me to assign payment methods to particular shipping methods (or locations)

I noticed one bug & these guys were excellent in fixing the issue. They are super human fast.

1Clue is a excellent developer, great addons and amazing service.


Thanks guys.

You are awesome!

It such a big pleasure to get a feedback like this!

Just wanted to leave a review and appreciation for Andrew at 1Clue. I recently purchased this add on http://1clue.com/related-products-extended.html and not only does it work flawlessly with the latest version of CS-Cart, but Andrew himself installed the add-on and made sure everything was running perfectly. That kind of service goes a long way when you don't have to beg the developer for help, he was happy to assist and make sure his product was doing its job and that his customer was happy with the result.

Thank you 1Clue and Andrew for your hard work and dedication to the CS-Cart community!