16:9 product image stretched after upgrade to V 2.1.0

After upgrade to V2.1

Here is the bug that I found:

1, I always take product images as 16:9 format, and before upgrade to V2.1,all was working just fine, here is the product screen shot, I added this product at version of 2.0.8, it looks good after upgrade to 2.1.

I select the image so it can be easily found the CSC automatically make my 16:9 product to a square, it looks okay as well as the small thumbnails, all good.

But here is the product that I added under V2.1, the product image looks like this:

and the small thumbnails below is also stretched.

That’s the problem that comfused me a lot.

I tried the use the new 2.1 feature “more image sizes”, it’s not working, it will directly stretch my image to the value that I set.

Hope this bug will fix asap.

If there is someone who can help me out, I would be very appreciated.

Were you able to resolve this issue? I’m just now upgrading to 2.1, and I’m running into the same issue.