1.3.5sp4 glitch or virus or what...Strange, help!

Okay so I added about 5 products to a catagory and added product option “fragrances” to the product. I checked the apply as link box for the varients. Well after viewing my web site and the product that I just put in I quickly get the ALERT message box which starts off as follows:



then it goes on and on about varlang and cannot buy this product with these option varients...no products selected, cannot checkout blah, blah, blah.

Again this happens on only one product only and when I click on the product from my web site. Throws up this nasty little message and then blocks my IP adress. Cyberlnc says that i'm being blocked because too many login attempts with in a certain time from my IP adress. You got me on this one guys. Help!

Anyway I change my IP adress and got back into the backend and deleted the product and options that were the problem. Now I don't have this issue. Any idea what this is...a glitch with product options/global options/apply as link....a virus? Any guesses anyone?

Thanks guys in advance. Figure this one would be fun for someone to de-bunk



These things happen to me regularly when i’m changing things with cs-cart.

Now look at the attachment below, i use one of these whenever I’m trying to hack unfamiliar elements of the cart and it really helps.

The last time i forgot to wear it my add to cart buttons stopped working… be warned