1.3.5 beta already tabless?

i just look at code @ top.tpl and i see

…is that mean table horror is over ? :D:D:D:D

Almost… it still doesnt vaildate as compliant xhtml and theres a quite a few coding issues I can see, but then… its a beta version !

Hello All,

I have downloaded and installed the beta, but wanted to know the appropriate area to post up things I am finding which seem to be bugs, etc (maybe CS can put up a forum like the 1.3.4sp2 area)? I REALLY love the 1 page checkout…just AMAZING and very cool method of adding items to the cart…I can’t wait for the final release…I am going to finally upgrade from 1.3.3…I promise!!! :smiley:



bug reports can be logged at the following URL: