1.3.4-SP3 to 1.3.5-SP1

Although I managed to upgrade (eventually) I have found that some of the nice looking features I have been using on 1.3.4-SP3 now don’t function correctly. Fortunately I created a demo site before doing a live update and I won’t be upgrading to 1.3.5. I would love to because it has some nice upgrades, but the basic problems mean I cannot consider it.

The Emenu is the main issue as it now doesn’t fit the text/graphics properly - see pic.

There are other layout issues as well - especially with the product features box.

I will either wait for SP2 and see if resolved or may need to do some tweeks.


1.3.4-SP3 (and demo 1.3.5-SP1)

www.sonicwall.uk.com & www.sonicstall.co.uk


[quote name=‘pheritage’]The Emenu is the main issue as it now doesn’t fit the text/graphics properly - see pic.


I don’t use Emenu, however from what I can see from your screenshot this shouldn’t a huge problem to fix.

  • To get the text to fit w/in the bounds of the menu, it shouldn’t take more than editing the font size in styles.css for the emenu text OR editing the width of the div that contains the text to force a soft return earlier in your text.
  • If the text is the size you want to use and you don’t want to shorten each line to fit the menu box, then you’ll need to adjust the width of the menu box div, which is likely either in the styles.css file or whatever template file generates the emenu. That will allow the icons to move away from the text and not overlap.

    The menu isn’t broken, you just have too much text for the limits that came as default. You’ll need to dig deeper to find the exact files to edit as I’m not using them myself so can’t point you to them, but it is almost certainly a simple edit.

    I don’t know what your product features issue is, but it sounds like it could be a similar display issue. The move to CSS driven templates brought some changes in the way the page is generated that we need to adjust to suit our particular needs.