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Data Export Products

25 June 2018 - 06:51 PM


I need help. I Upgrade 4.7.4 - 4.8.1 and I am having a problem, with the export result.


I just want to know if anyone has this problem.


I am using a certain export for updating inventory like always for years by using these fields


  • product id 
  • Language
  • Product code
  • Quantity
  • Availbility
  • Status
  • List Price
  • Price

After update I did export file in csv format like always, (and also tried in different format too the same problem)


it was an interesting result. there is a line break after certain line. I tried in my other website with cscart and I see the same result.


Is there anything we can do to resolve, this is very important and we need the data update.


I attached the excel files and I highliged Yellow the break lines.


Thank you