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Need help to setup FREE Shipping Promotion (excluding few products)

17 May 2013 - 07:55 AM


I am using cs-cart 2.2.3 professional edition.

I am trying to make a FREE Shipping promotion over $100. Basic setup of promotion is done and it is working fine, if user cart value goes above $100 it applies free shipping to order.

Basic Setup of promotion

Order subtotal : equal or greater 100

Free Shipping: Active shipping method in store

But I am also offering few products in flat FREE Shipping (clearance section), I have marked Free Shipping in shipping properties of product for that.

for this scenario assume:
SKU1 worth of $60 is marked as Free Shipping. Category: Clearance
SKU2 worth of $50, No free shipping. Category : Others

Now, if customer shops SKU1 from clearance (that is already comes with free ship) along with SKU2 cart total becomes $110 and it shows FREE Shipping.

But what I need is, this promotion should be applied only when customer orders products other than clearance category and that amount should be $100 or more.

Like in above scenario if customer adds 2 Units of SKU2 then he will be eligible for FREE Shipping.

I did some changes in promotion, to exclude clearance category products

Categories: Not In: Clearance.

So now what happens it don;t shows FREE Shipping when any clearance product is added to cart (regardless of total of cart)

Can any one please help me how to achieve desired output?