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Issues I've Posted

    Theme Editor close language var missing

    Posted 4 May 2013

    The language variable for the theme editor close button is missing, the tooltip/title currently just shows _theme_editor.close


    Posted 2 May 2013

    The newsletters menu (Website -> Newsletters) is not shown in the menu when you have more than one storefront unless you have "All Stores" selected.

    Steps to reproduce:
    • Install "News & Emails" addon
    • Change store to "ACME Corp"
    • Goto "Website" menu the newsletters menu link is not displayed.
    If you try going to the newsletters section manually using this URL "admin.php?dispatch=newsletters.manage&switch_company_id=2" it returns a 404 page.

    Demo products

    Posted 2 May 2013

    Probably not a major issue but when you install the system with the demo data products that are store specific are shown in both stores.

    The product 100g Pants is only assigned to the ACME Corp store yet it is still listed in the products list for Simbirsk Technologies Ltd store, you can also edit the product in either store and it will keep the changes separate (on a per-store basis).

    But if you try deleting the product from the Simbirsk Technologies store it will give a warning about permission being denied.

    Category sort options

    Posted 2 May 2013

    The sort selects on the storefront don't work when javascript is disabled, these should degrade gracefully to support product sorting when javascript is either disabled or not available.

    Quick Menu - Broken links

    Posted 2 May 2013

    The following default links in the quick menu are incorrect and return 404 pages.
    • Design -> Top Menu (admin.php?dispatch=static_data.manage&section=A)
    • Administration -> Database (admin.php?dispatch=database.manage)
    • Administration -> Statistics (admin.php?dispatch=statistics.reports&reports_group=system)