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#337342 Friendly Vendor Pannel

Posted by Kentucky on 07 March 2021 - 06:09 AM

We recently launched our multi-vendor marketplace and are running into a lot of similar issues. We've had about 30 vendors sign up so far however only 5 have actually listed any products. We even have it set up so once we approve a vendor to pending status, it fires off an email to walk them through setting up their Stripe account and first steps. The feedback I get is that the dashboard is too confusing. Of the 5 we have listed, we set up the product listings for those clients. This (and a couple other minor reasons) has me completely reevaluating our choice with CS-Cart and I'm actively exploring other options. CS-Cart has a lot of good things going for them and I would prefer to stay with them but if the system itself drives away the people we are trying to attract, no amount of goodwill is going to fix that.