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09 March 2021 - 07:04 PM



I am not sure what do you want to achieve. Products and vendors are completely separate entities, it's not possible to show both of them in search results. If I understand you incorrectly, please clarify what do you need.


Our add-on allows customers to search for vendors, in their own page. The "Categories" filter is meant to enable filtering vendors by categories they're able to use (from Vendor Plans).


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That's what's what I'm looking for. I understand products and vendors are separate entities, however I would think there would be a way for both to be returned in search results. For example, if a shopper typed in "shirts", shirt products and shirt vendors would be returned (albeit in separate layout blocks). If a shopper typed in "pizza", types of pizzas would show up as well as pizza parlors in the area (again, in separate layout blocks).

In Topic: Search By Product/shop/city

07 March 2021 - 06:30 AM

@soft-solid, I am still looking for a solution to have the search results display products and vendors from the main search bar. I see that you have added the location filter by Categories. I emailed a couple addon creators and Simtech is the only one that's gotten back with me so far. I would prefer to have a couple quotes to compare if possible.

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07 March 2021 - 06:09 AM

We recently launched our multi-vendor marketplace and are running into a lot of similar issues. We've had about 30 vendors sign up so far however only 5 have actually listed any products. We even have it set up so once we approve a vendor to pending status, it fires off an email to walk them through setting up their Stripe account and first steps. The feedback I get is that the dashboard is too confusing. Of the 5 we have listed, we set up the product listings for those clients. This (and a couple other minor reasons) has me completely reevaluating our choice with CS-Cart and I'm actively exploring other options. CS-Cart has a lot of good things going for them and I would prefer to stay with them but if the system itself drives away the people we are trying to attract, no amount of goodwill is going to fix that.

In Topic: Search By Product/shop/city

18 November 2020 - 10:13 PM

Yes, you can setup Vendor Locations Add-on to do that.

I've got that addon set up. I would like to see the search bar return a product or shop in the search rather than just a product. There really shouldn't be a need for the customer to go search in two different locations. Can search by shop be added into the main search bar? Am I missing something?