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In Topic: Supplier setup

04 December 2007 - 03:51 AM

I have done the above bob, however, it still shows no delivery options available. I do not have a meter number. Would this be the problem? For some reason I have put in all my information under shipping settings FEDEX and when i tick off to get a meter number it does nothing. I have other packaging and regular pickup selected. I have weights on the test product. Any ideas?

In Topic: New Site !! Best to Date !! Just finnished

22 November 2007 - 02:05 AM

haha wooowww that was hilariously cool!!

In Topic: The other skins aren't written in XHTML?

20 November 2007 - 08:58 AM

I know this is silly to ask as I should know this by now, however, what is the advantage of a CSS skin over a non XHTML? Just speed?

In Topic: CS Cart - Product Filtering option?

19 November 2007 - 08:24 PM

This helps in converting traffic into sales by making it easier to shop. Overstock.com has a good one too.

In Topic: Trying to add link

19 November 2007 - 07:19 PM

you would have to put it in html tags

<a href="put your url address link here">put whatever text you want to display with link here</a>