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#179015 Responsive Themes?

Posted by ckad79 on 09 March 2014 - 07:11 PM

Does anybody know of any responsive themes for CS-Cart that work with the latest version? I see a few for sale at ThemeForest but a lot of those worked with the last version of CS-Cart. A lot of folks are waiting on a responsive themes for the latest version of CSCart. Many of the developer are like "one is coming" but the release on the themes seem to be taking longer then expected. I feel like there is a bigger issue going on here.

My question is, there seems to be a really big push for Twigmo through CSCart. At one point, Twigmo was free and now it really seems like, if you want Twigmo you have pay up. I'm OK with paying up, I just don't know if like Twigmo being my mobile option.

In the end, if there are lots of responsive layouts for CsCart doesn't this hurt Twigmo sales? If so, won't CsCart make it a goal to kill responsive layouts since they hurt Twigmo sales? I just noticed that since Twigmo became more front and center, a lot of these responsive layouts aren't working.

I'm just wondering... if waiting for responsive layouts is a waste of my time because CSCart won't let it happen?

I personally like Twigmo but find it limited because it's almost like having two different sites. You have a full site and a mobile site with different content or really limited content. Store news, certain pages, don't roll over onto the Twigmo site. In my experience Google does not like this because if you have a link to a certain page and that page is not mobile friendly, all of a sudden Google is piling up 404 errors.

This is why I love responsive Wordpress sites because you have the same site, page after page or post after post, but in a mobile friendly layout. You don't have to rebuild a different site with special blocks for your mobile viewers.

#170812 SEO for news content

Posted by ckad79 on 02 November 2013 - 03:50 AM

Thanks for suggesting the blog addon, although I've heard mix reviews on it. Plus, the problem with third party addons is that you are at the mercy of CS-Cart changes. I really think problems like this, are something CS-cart should be addressing.

I agree, CS-Cart is terrible with SEO. I think it has worked well in the past but with recent Google changes all of my Cscarts have suffered greatly.

I will say that I was able to fix a lot of the h1 tags because many were due to using particular "wrappers" in blocks. Certain wrappers like "mainbox_general", in my case, marked all titles in thos blocks as h1. I just made an effort to switch the majority of them to "sidebox_general" and "sidebox_important" wrappers and that fixed a lot of the issues. Still, CS-Cart does fall way behind with SEO practices which I don't understand.