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Fraudulent Order Question

29 January 2019 - 07:20 PM

Hello everyone,


I wanted to share info for a suspicious customer that successfully placed an order with us early this morning.


The “customer” was named Linda Juan (see more details of their exploits below)



They were able to create a new customer account and then proceeded to place an order.


There were 4 attempts at the transaction - all failed as a bad card. The 5th attempt succeeded but with a strange shipping address, a bad email (juanlinda222@hotmail.com) and wrong phone number. I thought cs-cart or my payment processor would prevent orders like this going through? The strange thing is in my cs-cart order details it doesn’t show any credit card info, just blank missing. Also the “Ship To” and “Customer Notes” fields have these weird extra characters at the ends. See below:



Linda Juan">


444 Rollins St">


Missoula, Montana 59801





I wanted to report this to give others a heads up, but is this something cs-cart could have prevented from occurring or is it all on my payment processor? Seems like some sort of automated script. I am currently running the latest version of CS-Cart 4.9.2.SP4. Anything else I can do going forward to block these orders? I already blocked the IP address:


Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.