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In Topic: Forum Upgrade

16 June 2011 - 05:31 PM

Why change from vBulletin to IPB???... vB is definitely better in my opinion. Also the skin is very clean but also very ("very") light colored which makes it little bit hard to read but otherwise its good.

In Topic: labs just showing demo store?

24 April 2011 - 05:20 PM

labs using CS-CART: version 2.1.3 PROFESSIONAL??? which is older than the latest version?

In Topic: All kinds of questions about skins, roadmap, etc

25 January 2011 - 06:27 PM

When is 3.x shipping? I don't want to invest time into an old version.

somewhere in the future.. for sure.

Can someone show me a modern 2 column template.

have you looked the demo site? you got to do some homework, no? https://www.cs-cart.com/demo-item.html

The community edition does not include templates, but can I install custom templates that i purchase?

you cant have everything for free, can you? but yes you can install custom templates.

Is drop shipping supported?

no not supported yet, but you can create a new request for the feature here... http://cscart.uservo...82-professional

Can a single product belong in multiple categories?


One of the common complaints of cscart is the slowness. Has this been addressed in recent builds?

well ... there's definitely an improvement in the performance.. but it also depends on the speed of your server. If you are running an ecommerce on overly crowded shared servers, you will find the site slow. If you are serious about online business, go with at least semi-shared servers or VPS and you will have no problem.

I have mine running on VPS with 2.0ghz 1gb ram 1.5gb burst.

Can multiple sites share the same product/inventory database?

you mean multistore?? this feature is planned for the future release... look here

hope this helps...& good luck.

In Topic: Key must be less than 56 characters and non-zero. Supplied key length: 64

24 December 2010 - 11:50 PM

this is the encryption key in your config.local.php