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Can we have 2 Shipping methods ?

30 December 2007 - 03:16 AM

I will try to explain.

I would like that when a customer adress is in a certain state we could have 2 shipping options

1 - Transport Company (whatever)
2 - Come & Collect in the wharehouse (0 extra charge)

Al the customers from other states woull see only the option for the transport company (as come & collect is not feasable for them), but the ones from my state would have both options available so they could select the prefered one.

I've read all the help & the PDF regarding shipping, but cant figure out a way to have 2 shipping options in the way I need.

I only sell to one country, and have tryed several combinations (like using the country for the states and states for the regions in each state...etc) but no luck with any combination.

In easier terms...

Lets imagine I want 2 shipping options for one specific country...Only customers from that country would see those 2 options...All the others would see only one option.

Can some one give me some hint ?



Product Configurator classes HOW TO ?

17 July 2007 - 12:22 AM

I've looked everywhere in the forums but there seems to be little information regarding this, and I do need some help.

Can someone explain to me how to work with the classes in product configurator.

I've the configurator working OK as I need, with all steps and groups populated. Everything is working OK, but now I need the classes to make compatible a few items...but I can figure out how they work.

Im sure its easy, but Im not getting there.

All help will be greatly appreciated.

Showing availability instead of stock units - Basic mod

03 June 2007 - 11:28 PM

In my situation I was interested in having stock control turned on, but was not interested in showing users the amount in stock.
All I wanted is the user to know if the product is available or not.
ie : displaying a message " Available " when the product is in stock and " not available " if it is not.
This is actually very easy to achieve, and being my first atempt with the smarty template engine was very intuitve, so I presume I will like smarty
(let me say that I have CS-cart for around a week, so I am still examining.)

To implement this you first need to create 2 Language variables. (there is plenty information on how to do that)

Variable 1 :

stock_available and give it the value of AVAILABLE

Variable 2 :

stock_not_available and give it the value of UNAVAILABE

Next we will edit the file : product_details.tpl

Now look for the code (around line 100):

<td><span id="product_amount_{$product.product_id}">{$product.amount} {$lang.items}</span></td>

and delete it, or coment out by inserting it betwen {** and **}

Now insert in substituition of the deleted code

	{if $product.amount >0} <strong><font color="#FF6600">{$lang.stock_available}</font></strong> 
	{if $product.amount <=0} <font color="#FF0000"><strong>{$lang.stock_not_available}</strong></font>			

And thats it. Now if stock exists it will show the message AVAILABLE (or whatever value you decide to put in language variable), on the other hand if the item is out of stock it will show " UNAVAILABLE ".

This means that you can keep your stock control option turned on and benefit from its features, without letting the customer know how many units you have.

There is still a small problem, which is if the customer order 10 units, but you only have 9 units in stock, then only 9 will be added to the cart. This may confuse the customer, so I will have to work on that so that he receives a message.

I hope it helps anyone.

Kind Regards,

Bug in date field

03 June 2007 - 09:20 PM

Hi everyone.

I just added a custom field to the users profiles, This field was suposed to be the date of birth, therefore I selected DATE.

It all works OK...no problem.

Until I try to register my self and realize that the Year goes from 1970...to 2007

Well, me and millions of other inhabitants on this planet who surf the web where born before that, so this field becomes unusable for date of births.

I think this is a small problem to correct, and should be addressed as soon as possible, starting at 1920 (yes, there are people with 85 years and more buying on the web)