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In Topic: A Couple (Mostly Probably Simple) Questions

01 September 2020 - 09:21 PM

As for 1, I'm assuming most of the payment systems work the same way more or less. Is there usually a place you can control these things where they send your customers around to?





Referring to some of your questions: 


2. You can just create another profile field (in tab Administration -> Profile Fields), and then add them to block in Checkout location (tab Design -> Layouts -> Layouts). This way, you can add not only second line of address, but also other fields like second phone number.

3. In tab Settings -> Appearance, on the bottom there's an option "Supported phone numbers", where you can decide which symbols in phone number are allowed.

4. I think our add-on can be helpful here: https://cs-cart.pl/m...en&currency=USD


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2. Ok it was making the new profile field that was the key, thanks for that.

3. I did find that setting previously, I guess the option I needed to pick was just the numbers and ()-+. Just making sure I wasn't missing something.

4. Could be handy. I just wanted to be sure there wasn't a way to do it with what I had available. Let me know if you have any discount codes or the like.