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How to export catalogue v.1.3.4 to v.13.5sp1?

20 November 2007 - 03:55 PM

Hi all,

Am new on this forum and i say hello, i have one big question,
How to export the catalogue from 1.3.4 to 1.3.5sp1??:confused:
I can't export the catalogue: csv, html ... this formats dsnt work at all. i've over 2000 articles and i dont want to build all again.

i've tried to import/export database from the "Administration: DB/backup/Restore" but dont work too. :(
same result with the the "Store manager"

Of course i tried to found some topics but i found nothing about my case.

I hope you understand my problem and sorry for my english :)
someone can help me for that?

Thank you