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In Topic: Theme Cloning Issue

17 March 2016 - 07:44 PM

The error logs have been checked.


The FastCGI Timeouts (fastcgi_read_timeout, etc.) have been increased.


Theme will not automatically install after the aforementioned is accomplished. It still hangs. If I wait a few minutes and refresh the page, I get two "responsive" themes.  If I manually change the name in the *json file it changes the created cloned theme from "responsive" to "coolbaby" but when I then try to activate one of them I always get a 500 server timeout page.


I've cloned the theme manually and updated the name in the *.json file. I go back to the backend theme page and try to activate one of the cloned styles under the "coolbaby" name and I get a 500 server timeout page.