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1.3.5 enable inventory tracking but hide "in stock"

06 December 2011 - 10:50 PM

I found this code in products_details.tpl
and added my asterisks to comment it out.

<div class="product-description">
<div class="wrapper">
{*DWM <div class="sku" id="sku_{$product.product_id}" {if !$product.product_code}style="display:none"{/if}>{$lang.sku} <span id="product_code_{$product.product_id}">{$product.product_code}</span></div>*}

But the "in stock" and quantity still show up on product details page. That is the line I am trying to hide. Everything else is fine. Attached File  12-6-2011 2-47-49 PM.png   7.65KB   127 downloads

Under settings, i have "enable inventory" checked. And i have "Show out of stock " as unchecked. Bottom line, i need the cart to track inventory and when a customer takes the last item, i want it to disappear. BUT i do not want the inventory amount ever to show on customer side.

Anyone help?