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In Topic: XHTML/CSS Skin

22 March 2007 - 05:30 PM

Does CS-Cart publish what fixes or new features for the next release? If so, where is it located? It sounds like that some people are getting the list directly from CS-Cart. Maybe there should be a master thread just for future releases.

I agree that it doesn't make sense to invest in something that is already in the works of being developed. But using the new mods donations can directly force CS-Cart to go in the direction of the majority.

I also agree that some of the more experienced programmers/store owners should be able to work closely with CS-Cart. Sorry, I am a newbie but still thrilled with the CS-Cart features! It can easily be worse!

In Topic: Renaming admin.php for safety

18 March 2007 - 01:23 AM

Nevermind...found the answer in the following post:
http://forum.cs-cart...t=admin.php 644

In Topic: 2007 Most Wanted Mods/Features

16 March 2007 - 03:14 PM

YTD Donations: $575, from:
Dynamic Tabs mod paid -$300 Inv.#463, ETA: 4/16/07+bug testing
$275 balance for the Next Mod...

Hey Snorocket, you took Frozen Tundra $25 off of your signature list! Was my money too frozen for you? just kidding...:rolleyes:

Are there any commonly used mods being used that should be included in the base line code? Being a rookie...I keep running into cool mods on this forum while surfing around. Maybe there are a couple that were forgotten?

It looks like the momentum on new mod ideas are slowing down. Maybe we should summerize the most popular mods and maybe take a poll on which of the next mods should be implemented next (Top 2 or 3 mods)? Voting rights should be restricted to member who made a donation. This would hopefully attract more donations from new members or from members that really want that mod implemented. Plus it would give us a chance to focus on defining the mod development requirements before sending in for a quote.

In Topic: Renaming admin.php for safety

16 March 2007 - 02:23 PM

You could however add code to an .htaccess that would mean you have to login befor you could access the admin.php login area.

Thanks for the tips! I decided not to rename the admin.php since this would have to be another upgrade issue to address.

However password protect just the admin.php and it works great!

I did notice that my admin.php file security setting was at 777. The pre-installation instructions said to change the following files to 777
• admin.php from 644 to 777
• index.php from 644 to 777
• image.php from 644 to 777
• images folder from 755 to 777 (Folder Only)
• skins folder from 755 to 777 (Folder Only)

Then the various post installation instructions said to change the following file security settings:
• Changed yoursite.com/store folder from 777 back to 755
• Changed config.php from 777 back to 644
• Leave var directory at 777
• Leave skins directory at 777
• store/var/database/backup (folder only) from 755 to 777

Shouldn't the admin.php file security settings be changed back to 644 and possibly some other files/folders?

In Topic: Who's Online

16 March 2007 - 11:53 AM

Hi Frozen Tundra,

To answer your question: ...how do I make the newly configured Live Help Operatator to be online? I just want to try it out before disabling the store's Live Help menu (SWS's idea).

1st you need to make an operator/user so go to your CS admin scroll down to the bottom right corner to Live Help panel - note CS drop-down admin menu must be off.

2nd In Live Help panel select Manage Operators, create account, choose name and password - make sure active box is checked (ticked).

3rd On your PC desktop you should have Live Help if not down load it from CS with CS Shop Manager.

4th Open Live Help CP and enter your store path, I used http://www.yourstorename/index.php now test connection and if working hit OK button.

5th Now hit connect (green box in top left corner) enter your operator name and password that you made in step 2 above.

And hey presto you are now ON AIR and ready to chat live!!


Thanks SH!

I did know about the client application download, but I had everything else installed and configured properly. I thought that the Operator interface was built into the Admin screeen. Anyways, the communications worked breifly before the client crashed. Thanks for the the detailed instructions. :-P