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How did you get your products to begin with?

27 August 2007 - 06:20 PM

Just curious - I'm pretty savvy on how to deploy ecommerce stores, and market them on the net, but always have done it for others, in the capacity of a hired designer/website developer.

Lately have been thinking I'd like to build another store in my spare time, for myself, just as a source of outside income - but have no idea where to start, as far as actually getting ahold of products to sell. heh

Any thoughts appreciated

Multi-Channel Exporting

03 July 2007 - 02:34 PM

An incredibly valuable mod would be a thorough expansion of the ability to export your catalog to a large list of third party shopping sites.

"But that's already there" you say... heh - yes, for Froogle/GoogleBase. And it does also already give the ability to export your catalog to a CSV/flat file. But when you're preparing a CSV file for almost any of these sites, that is close to useless. Most of these 3rd party sites have very specific requirements on how all your listing info is formatted. Many sites' requirements overlap, but the vast majority do not.

As a guy who's looking at the prospect of spending 75% of my time simply reformatting CSV files to make them fit the requirements of places like eBay, NexTag, uBid, Overstock.com - even more specialized sites like BrokerBin, PowerSourceOnline, etc... etc...- I can't stress enough how much value this sort of package would have.

But it would have to be a lot more robust than the current "Export to Froogle" sort of option.

As it stands now, the cart will export your catalog - exactly as it's listed on your site. But what if the way you've got it listed on your site, doesn't fit the requirements (or your preference) for the 3rd party site?

This is how I think it could be structured:

In Admin General Settings would be a general on/off button for the module - along with a list of available 3rd party sites. (some that have the same requirements could be consolidated into a single option) You could checkmark which sites you plan to export to. Once the module is turned on, an AJAX tabbed menu is added to the bottom of each product details page. So when you're setting up your products, along with all the other standard details like price, options, etc... you can also use the tabbed menu at the bottom to specify separate product details for each 3rd party shopping site.

Some details could be pulled from the main details of the product - but a separate option would be great too. Lets say you want to sell an item for $10 on your main shopping cart site, but need to charge $12 for the same item on CNetShopper - perhaps the menu for the 3rd party export could have a radio button for "Use Main Item Price" or a second button for "Use Other Price" and a field to enter the price for that channel site. etc...

Then, there would simply need to be an "Export" button somewhere that grabs all the pertinent information, and exports it to CSV files in predetermined folders, to be grabbed by the 3rd party sites (or uploaded manually by the webmaster)

I know this would not be a quick hack. But again, for medium to large sized vendors, this tool would be invaluable. Companies like mine are paying companies like Channel Advisor tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for this kind of functionality. (or they hire a full-time webmaster like myself, and bog them down with the task of doing it all manually). Something like this could be sold as an add-on module for 5 times the cost of the cart itself, and you'd still probably do well in its sales. I can guarantee right now that if this module was available, even for a grand or more, my boss would be tripping over his own feet trying to toss the cash your way.

Give it a thought.

And if CS-C isn't interested in adding something like this - I'd be very interested to find a programmer who could make it happen, just for us even. (although that, I think, would be a shame simply due to the huge added-value it could be for the cart in general). I'm not a programmer myself, but can see the logical structure of all this in my head, and am tempted to take a class or just start digging around and see what can be done

emergency coupon question

12 June 2007 - 09:42 PM

OK, we set up a coupon code that was supposed to give $100 off any order that involved products from certain categories.

The problem is, it is applying the discount to every item ordered from those categories, not a one-time discount like we thought it was going to do. This offer has already been sent out, and people are using the coupon, and it's killing us - anyone know how I could modify this so that it only applies it once?

if/else template help

18 May 2007 - 10:19 PM

I'm trying to make one little tag within common_templates/mainbox.tpl change, depending on what page is being displayed

Basically, I'm trying to put a header graphic on all our "Info" pages (i.e. About Us, Privacy Policy, etc... the pages in the CMS), and this header stretches 100%. The problem is, mainbox.tpl is putting the content within a table with 10px cellpadding, so there's a 10px white gap at the left and right.

After a ton of hunting, I finally found the code producing this (in mainbox.tpl), but when I change it to cellpadding="0", those info pages look fantastic, but all the catalog pages are now jammed right up to the edge.

SO - I'm trying to put an if/else statement in mainbox.tpl like such

<td> [COLOR="Red"]{if $content == "pages"}
		<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="100%">
		<table cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="100%">
		{/if}[/COLOR]		<tr>
			<td class="mainbox-body">{$content|default:" "}</td>

But I can't seem to get it to work. I admit I'm no PHP guru, and am only taking stabs at it. Am I approaching the whole thing wrong? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


13 March 2007 - 04:56 PM

Well, its up and running. We've still got some issues to work through - payment gateway still in the works, and a ton of products yet to add, but thus far, the response from our customers has been wonderful - and our company's owner couldn't be happier.

Warning - I know many of you are very anti-Flash - this site does contain some Flash.


If any of you happen to be in the market for IT equipment, you might check us out