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HELP! Killed site - how to recover

03 November 2013 - 05:54 AM

Ok, was doing some house cleaning on the server, deleting unneeded ftp accounts etc..

Well, low and behold one of the ftp accounts had touched several files on the site. Thus, when I deleted the account along with the files, I killed have the files on the site.

I re-uploaded all the files, however, i did not have a current copy of the config.local.php file.

The only thing I can see that is different, or would be different is the crypt_key other wise I have duplicated the DB credentials.
All I am getting is a white screen, both front and back end.

This is a LIVE store and I have hundreds of products and hundreds of orders already on the DB, i do NOT want to have o rebuild from scratch.

Any insights on how to get the site back up.

My DB back up is 90M un-compressed and 10 Zipped, but the new DB i created is not liking the DB import process thru phpmyadmin.

Running out of ideas.

Ver 4.01 Ultimate


Other stores products showing in first store

23 October 2013 - 02:53 AM

I built a CD store and am trying to build the Download side of the cart. However, when I created products in the download store, they are showing in the CD store. Pretty sure that is not supposed to happen, and I don;t want to happen.

Any ideas as to why and how to stop it?

Also, tried bulk uploading products for the download store and could not get the downloads to attach properly. Using CSV to upoad, it will populate the product, but not use the path I gave where the files are stored.

Path to file: /var/downloads/"filename"

Tried using : the above
also tried "filename" in the cell column

The first one gave me a broken attachment, the second removed the product entirely.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Information Popup - Pass Recovery - Profile update

23 October 2013 - 02:46 AM

That little pop up that says your profile change has been saved, or you checkout was successful. In my case Green popup window.

It is popping up to the upper right of the screen and customers are not seeing it. Thus getting caught in an endless loop trying to save their information, especially after a password recovery function. Ya, I know, seems easy enough, but some ppl are clueless.

At any rate, I need to find where that little pop up is being generated from so it can be Centered on the page and even made bigger.

Any ideas what file is creating that Information: message?

I have looked through the css files of both the basic and my theme, found some references to it, but no changes I make change the output, it still shows to the upper right.

Please help point me in the right direction, spending way to much time hand holding customers.


RMA Default Value Change

17 October 2013 - 05:47 AM

Where is the default value "10" stored for the RMA addon.
It is not in the database, nor anywhere else I can find to change that number.

I need to change it to 30, as we have a 30 day exchange, refund period for our products.

I have been making the changes in the DB or at the product level. I know I can make the change manually, but often times it gets over looked. So, it would be real nice to have it set to 30 as the default.

Thanks for any pointers.


Edit Order

17 October 2013 - 04:41 AM

Does anyone know how to make it so, Admins can edit an order?

As you know, customers screw up orders. Consequently, we have to go, or would like to go into that order, change whatever value in the product. (ie Order 2 items, only wants one, etc).
However, I cannot do that without having CC info, which I don't store, and quite frankly don't need, when just editing an order.

Any help on how to get this accomplished. We are having to put notes in the Staff notes of the Customer notes, for the changes. Really screws of other stuff that way to.

Using V4.01 Ultimate