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In Topic: Try The Advanced Import Of Products

01 March 2018 - 11:20 AM


  • When you create new variations via import, they must have the Variation options column (so it's easy to figure out what product is a V). Variations must be preceded by their parent product that doesn't have a value in Variation options (so it definitely isn't a variation). The values of Variation options are checked to make sure that the parent product has these options and variants.
  • If you update existing variations via import (for example, a price), it doesn't matter if a product is a variation, because variations have their own price, quantity, etc, just like ordinary products. A CSV file consisting just of product code, language, product name, and price can be imported just fine, and it will update the prices of variations.


Hello ikoshkin,


OK, now it's clear. Thank you for your detailed explanation.

In Topic: Try The Advanced Import Of Products

26 February 2018 - 11:57 AM

Hello, Josep. Glad to hear you like the idea. I've tested it on the demo just to make sure, and the import of variations worked.

The "product_type" field isn't available for selection in the template, but it actually isn't required either. Currently it is sufficient that variations follow their configurable product in the import file (without being interrupted by other products), and that they have variation options specified. It works the same way in version 4.7.2 (the docs still state that the "product_type" field is required, but they will be altered soon).


OK. But then, how does the system know that the product you are importing is type C, V or P?

In Topic: Payment Methods Based On Country

24 February 2018 - 02:44 PM



You need to install addon "Payment dependencies" included by default.


You can restrict payment methods based on shipping method. And every shipping method can be assigned to different countries.


Here you can see the documentation: https://docs.cs-cart...cies/index.html

In Topic: Try The Advanced Import Of Products

22 February 2018 - 07:00 PM

Hello ikoshkin,


It looks promising
In the current state of development, Can you import configurable products and their variations?
It seemed to me that the "product_type" field was not available.
Thank you

In Topic: Introducing Cs-Cart 4.6.1 With Product Variations

26 January 2018 - 04:26 PM

For example in this extract:
I can't see the titles of the columns, nor can I say if the columns are split as "123456 | Helmet blue size M" or "123456 | Helmet | blue | size M". This difference could mean a lot, as it's important to figure out how CS-Cart will determine that "this variation is a combination of Option A variant 1 and option B variant 2".

Besides, manually grouping variations into configurable products after import is still additional manual work imposed on administrators. If you could send us an actual file from your supplier as an example, we might figure out a way how to automate this process.


Thank you ikoshkin,


The most common file that suppliers provide me has the options integrated within the title, for example:
SKU; Product_Name; Price; ...
123456; Helmet blue M; 150.25; ...
123457; Helmet blue L; 150.25; ...
123458; Helmet blue XL; 150.25; ...
But it is not a problem for me to separate the options in columns, it is relatively easy and fast in a spreadsheet.
The problem is when in a list of hundreds (or thousands) of products you have to separate the data into groups of X rows (for example, same product of different sizes) to create a new row in each group with the configurable product and above all with the list of options within the same field (options).
Creating this line, which you can see example below, is a manual work that is slower than making the product configurable in Cs-cart admin and is the real bottleneck to import configurable products (I think).
(Simtech) Color: S[White,Black,Blue,Red,Green,Yellow]///inventory=Y///missing_variants_handling=M///multiupload=N///required=N///status=A; (Simtech) Size: S[Small,Medium,Large,X Large,XX Large]///inventory=Y///missing_variants_handling=M///multiupload=N///required=N///status=A

Thank you very much for your interest in improving this important aspect.