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Throwing In The Towel With Cs-Cart Addon Development

28 June 2017 - 03:46 PM

After much consideration, I've decided to discontinue development of cs-cart addons. I didn't make this decision hastily, the primary issue is with addon maintenance. Maintenance was becoming overwhelming, to say the least.
Usually when products upgrade to tenths (4.4 to 4.5) there are mostly bug fixes. With CS-Cart, when you all upgrade to tenths its as if its an entire new version of the software (4.4 to 6.0). Your structural changes with each version release is just unbearable. I remember when you all withdrew support for Reoccurring Payments/Billing and although it was complete insanity, I decided to stay the course with my development, this was a severe lapse in judgement. The drastic changes never ceased.
I have a line of plugins for wordpress and I hardly ever have to touch them, EVER, except for deprecated functions. You all dont deprecate...you all eradicate features and functionality and put up documentation about what you hammered.
For these reasons, I've unfortunately decided to no longer support CS-Cart addon development. The addons I have in your marketplace now wont be upgraded. The cost is higher than the return.
I truly hope you all start remembering that clients are communicating with the CS-Cart API and making massive structural changes to your code will eventually be your very undoing with developers and perhaps even front-end customers who buy themes...and then the themes no longer work or need to be patched...oops no...thats a developer issue isn't?
So sad...I hope you all see this as constructive criticism and not the ramblings of a disgruntled customer. You have a great product but the development team needs to build more modularly...right now there is very little OOP...just a bunch of scripts communicating with each other and thats part of your problem and why your staff is always swamped. Naming a directory "controllers" does not mean its MVC compliant. Please remember OOP save the world.
Thank you for the experience