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In Topic: CS-Cart Wiki

21 June 2008 - 04:38 PM

I took the Wiki offline due to lack of use. The cs-cart team had built a wiki but it looks like they took that offline as well. If people were truly going to use it I will put it back online and make some improvements to it.
So if enough people reply to this post requesting that it be put back up than I will do so.

In Topic: CS-Cart Wiki

01 February 2008 - 02:35 AM

Yes as far as I know it is an inside joke about all the whiny complainers that comment about mods... I believe this all came from Dynamic Tabs thread in the forums... but don't take it from me ask sno :)

I added it to the wiki as a joke. If he wants to remove it he can but I thought he would think it was funny.

I am sure sno is about sick of the politics of making mods and would just like to develop them instead of dealing with people complaining and demanding things rather than going about it the right way.

Anyway I think he should really create a module called whiny diapers that does something like working with customer complaints or something.

Sno... you should put something in the whiny diapers article on the wiki :)

Anyway hope that clears it up a little bit for you... still a bit foggy to me. Maybe sno will explain it.

In Topic: CS-Cart Wiki

31 January 2008 - 01:20 PM

More content has been added to the wiki.

There are 69 articles in place now and another hundred or so will be added shortly... I'm getting there lol.

I think I will be changing the wiki tomorrow... you wont notice a difference in the structure but you will in the looks.
Hopefully I can get native bbcode support in place so people dont have to write articles in html/wiki coding.

I am doing this to help in preparation of the ourcs-cart.com site release (not just the wiki... wiki.ourcs-cart.com).

Anyway thought I would update everybody on the progress.

Thank you to everybody who has submitted articles to the wiki.

In Topic: OurCS-Cart.com

31 January 2008 - 01:45 AM

Oh well.... "F"orget them!
I still say CS-Cart is the best shopping cart!
More will come and more will leave it is not a big deal it is just business.

In Topic: OurCS-Cart.com

30 January 2008 - 10:26 AM

Well I just learned that the cscmodclub has a website. From what I hear it is not very active... "up and down for the last six months with not much progress."

I hope that I have not offended any of the cscmodclub.com members by creating the ourcs-cart.com site and planning on making the organization of all mods and templates part of it.

If we could all work together on creating a single source for all of this it could become a great thing for the cs-cart community.

I would suggest that source be ourcs-cart.com. Not because I am creating it but because it would be nice to have everything third party cs-cart related in one place wrather than mods at one site, wiki at another, templates at another, hosting at another, services at another.... etc. etc.

If the cscmodclub has no interest in utilizing ourcs-cart.com for those services than what I am proposing should not be done by myself and should be done by the cscmodclub as it would be pointless to have the same thing in two places. Once again if that is the case than I would suggest to the cscmodclub that they advertise their site and extend their scope of what the site is to include more than just modding. (Make it what ourcs-cart.com wants to be). If one or the other doesnt happen then we are back to having everything scattered over multiple sites with very slow growth.

Of course this is all just IMO.

Just wanted to make sure I didn't offend any of the developers and hope to work with you on the organization of cs-cart.

Let me know what you think,