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#252667 Google Analytics Not Working

Posted by MrGrant on 10 June 2016 - 04:04 AM


Did send problem to cs-cart. And they did fix my problem.


I examined the issue on your server. It appeared because of the custom theme Buyshop that is installed in the store. I added the following line to the design/themes/buyshop/templates/index.tpl file of your installation:

{hook name="index:head_scripts"}{/hook}


Thanks for posting this. We are using BuyShop theme as well, Analytics wasn't working until we applied the fix.


The developers were notified on 24 December 2015 in their Support Forum and they gave a fix (different to this one and I don't think as good) but don't seem to have updated their theme. I think the problem is their theme is based on basic_theme which doesn't seem to include {hook name="index:head_scripts"}{/hook} out of the box.

#249487 Are Shipping And Billing Addresses The Same? Disappeared

Posted by MrGrant on 01 May 2016 - 10:41 PM

No. I get the problem on a fresh install of V4.3.6


When you make this setting...

Admin > Settings > Checkout > Profile address section order > Shipping first


Add some products and checkout as Guest

Are shipping and billing addresses the same? - GONE!