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In Topic: E-Mail Subcriber Error. Please Help

23 November 2016 - 09:26 PM

I had a similar issue.


I disabled the Newsletters add-on and enabled the E-mail Marketing add-on. At this point the Subscribe block defaults to the 404 page, but there was no Template option for Email marketing: Newsletter subscription.


To make it show I had to disable/enable the Email Marketing add-on, clear cache, ctrl+F5 the browser.


Now it works but the something has gone wrong with the layout of my page and the submit icon is not in the right place, see the pictures.


Sorry I know for some the fix is probably trivial!

In Topic: User Creation Date Issue

06 October 2016 - 09:36 PM

I've got a QA install, same version as my active website and using the same CS-Cart license number.


It's showing the same events (successfully validating the license) in the CS-Cart logs, yet there are no errors in the php log.


I don't understand why it's doing it on one and not the other.


As a test I've deleted the license on my QA site and set it to trial mode to see what happens.

In Topic: User Creation Date Issue

05 October 2016 - 09:12 PM

Via phpMyAdmin I went to cscart_user_profiles table and profile_id column is definitely there.


The php error log timestamps seem to be matching up with the CS-Cart Logs when there's these events.


Requests (http/https request)
URL: http://updates.cs-cart.com/index.php
Request: 'dispatch=product_updates.check_

<lots of text about 10 lines of it.....>

Response: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Response><License>ACTIVE</License><Updates>AVAILABLE</Updates><Messages></Messages></Response>


So is it actually CS-Cart calling home and checking for updates/License status that's causing the errors?


I have always had Settings > General > Check for updates automatically > UNTICKED so I don't get nagged about new versions.

In Topic: User Creation Date Issue

04 October 2016 - 09:05 PM

I'm getting a similar message in my php error log.

HP Notice:  Undefined index: profile_id in /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/store/public/app/functions/fn.users.php on line 73

On the admin side however checking Customers it shows the Registered date no problem.


So I'm not sure why the error is being created or what problem it's causing.

In Topic: Add Auto Product Title As Alt Tag To Empty Images Alt Tag

15 September 2016 - 09:09 PM

I installed this on V4.3.6 and it's working well, no errors or issues.


Thank you Vali and Fotis this will save me time.